SkyDancing Tantra Immersion

A 16-day life, online journey that will transform the way you

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SkyDancing Tantra Immersion  – here’s what you can expect:

Enjoy a total of 16 days of Immersion: November 5th until 20th, 2022

  • 3 weekends of workshops, Saturday (day) and Sunday (½ day), led by certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers

  • Start each weekday with powerful practices (recommended, and will be recorded and made available for 2 days)

  • Several weekday evening integrative sessions to help embody Tantra (atendance optional)

  • Once a week:

    • Women’s/Men’s/Other Evenings

    • Couple’s Evening

    • Group sharing with «Family»

04.11.2023 00:00 Uhr
23.11.2023 00:00 Uhr

The SkyDancing Tantra Immersion is appropriate for adults of all experience levels. We welcome people new to Tantra as well as persons with previous experience that wish to deepen their relationship with SkyDancing Tantra, or to discover it. The Immersion is universal in its themes of love, power, freedom of expression, conscious connection, ease of being in your body and more.
All adults of any sexual orientation, relationship configuration, and physical ability can attend with a partner, with friends, or on your own!
Tantra is a non-denominational, body-based spiritual practice that welcomes all religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.