The ecstatic conspiracy

SkyDancing Tantra Gründerin Margot Anand

Allo Friends

In this presentation I’d like to walk the way with you from darkness to light.


Lately, I have been steeped into more and more revelations of dark and unpleasant information. Cries of “we have to fight for our rights to be human, healthy and free”, the so called vaccins are weaponized chemical substances that will take over our health and minds, and on and on and on… last night in a six hour all night marathon with luminaries from around the world revealing all the most inconvenient truths… I asked myself : “ Is this where I want to go ? Fight for a Life already given, and a right to be, already actualized?”

My answer was, and is : “NO”

So how do you, how do we, look at reality in the midst of this madness unleashed in the world, where green appears green , but in fact is blue, and white appears white, but is in fact black?

What is the Evolutionary answer? Can we go from breakdown to breakthrough?

Can we take back our Light? Protect our Soul? Cultivate our connection to the inner light of our spiritual Source?

And I say : “YES!” more than ever, we can… and we must.

It is time for a collective awakening. It is time to stop swimming against the currents of the anti ecstatic conspiracy that our society has become. It is time to create what I call:

The ecstatic conspiracy

More and more people are coming together in spiritual, heart families and tribes, whose chosen mission is prioritize higher frequency vibrations like meditation, relaxation, danse, celebration, sound healing , authentic relating, Tantra and more.

More and more of us, realize in gratitude the boundless beauty and gifts that Mother Gaia offers us.

More and more of us now experience a time of resurrection. We remember. We go back to the realization that our precious body, our vehicle to life and bliss is the most incredible instrument of aliveness with an endless potential for awakening and bliss. By Ecstatic Conspiracy I mean a coming together of those who choose to cultivate their bliss.

For me, that is an important step to our awakening. But there are pitfalls. Awakening is not for the faint of heart. Awakening will inevitably take us into the dark night of the soul. And that is where we are in, right now on a world scale.

But we need to remember that every spiritual path, every spiritual teaching, every spiritual master takes us, no, throws us, into this place of utter surrender where it seems that all which was dear to us, has to be renounced.

Ultimately, the only avenue left to us here, is to cultivate detachment. And when we master that, we are closer to freedom. And there can not be full awakening without that freedom from all our attachments.

So now, many of us around the world are divested of our money, our homes, our reunion with our loved ones far away, our right to breathe freely, our rights to travel, our rights to make love and have sex, our rights to live together, our rights to work and support our families…and even our right to pro-create… But we will deal with that last theme (I was just appraised of the fact that so many women’s wombs, after vaccination, are currently bleeding and rejecting the seeds growing inside them)…

So now, when all is taken away, we must finally face the ultimate question:

Who am I? When all of that is gone?

Are you the one who, when all is taken, remains equanimous, in the trust that you are connected to your inner light? The christed light of the one who, nailed on the cross said :”father forgive them for they know not what they do?”, the buddhic light of the Tibetan monk who, while tortured by the chinese was praying for their liberation? The yogic light of gratitude emerging during yoga, when every cell in our body vibrates with aliveness and glow?

Or are you the one who, when all is taken, falls into a deep depression, feels hopeless, resentful, because of the feeling that there is nobody “home” when all external attachments are removed. So it is easy here to fall into the victim state. “they are doing this to me”. I am helpless.

No you are not. Go within. Transform the fear into acceptance. Recognize Fear as a teacher. Go down that tunnel to its source : YOU.

When you say “yes” and embrace it. It opens a door to more light, more power, more freedom. It is a great teaching.

That takes you from fear into trust. Into gratitude. Into action.

In SkyDancing Tantra, I have given you many profound and useful keys to deal with this situation :

Learn the Art of relaxing in high states of Arousal (and, yes, fear is contained arousal…). SkyDancing tantra teaches you to Choose with awareness what brings you joy, and it will open the door to your spirit. And when you have successfully practiced those keys, I will give you the more advanced Koan, the ultimate key to freedom…

Meanwhile, remember this. Observe your mind, your words, your actions on a daily basis. And never be satisfied with the negative. The negative is not the truth.

To help create the Ecstatic Conspiracy, cultivate your bliss alone, with a coach or teacher, with a group, with a tribe. Establish places, events, get together where you enquire and explore deeper, and where you sing, and celebrate and create…

And if the pressures of daily life, and fixed mind sets and counter productive beliefs invade you … come to SkyDancing Tantra, and learn to open the door to your joy.

See you around.

Many Blessings
Margot Anand